3 Signs Your Dog Might Be Expecting

Whether your dog recently escaped for a neighborhood romp or you are an expectant breeder awaiting the next litter, identifying the early signs of canine pregnancy can be tricky. If you think a wriggling pile of puppies is in your future, look for these three symptoms and schedule a checkup with your vet.

Dietary Fluctuations

Although the gestational period for dogs is much shorter, they do experience morning sickness at times, which could lead to a general decrease in appetite. This is only temporary, however, and you will soon notice your pet begging for more food.

Nipple Development

Since the gestational period for canines is much shorter than humans, their nipples tend to grow faster in preparation for nursing. A slightly flushed color is also normal as blood circulates increasingly throughout the body.

Unusual Mood Swings

If you notice any odd behavior from your pet in combination with the previous symptoms, it could just be a mood swing. Like human mothers, dogs can become cranky or cuddly during pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if your pet’s personality seems slightly unusual.

To confirm whether your dog is truly pregnant, it is best to schedule an appointment with your vet. Visit this website to locate a dog veterinarian in San Jose.

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What to Do If Your Dog Swallowed the Wrong Thing

Your dog is your best friend, but sometimes dogs eat the wrong things. You might know your dog ate the wrong thing because she begins to choke or you notice diarrhea or vomiting. In this situation, it is important to remain calm and react quickly.

1.       Your Dog Is Having Trouble Breathing

If your dog cannot breathe then you must act fast. If you can remove the obstruction safely without harming yourself, then do so. If you cannot, then you will need to perform the Heimlich maneuver on your dog.

2.       What Not to Do


If your dog is choking, do not attempt to induce vomiting as you may end up doing more damage to your pup. Additionally, if there is a string or cord visible do not attempt to pull out an object using it. Doing so can damage the esophagus.

3.       Always Consult with a Veterinarian

 Whether you are able to remove the obstruction or not, you should always bring your dog to the vet. A vet will be able to determine if there has been any internal damage or if your friend needs hospitalization.

Since dogs will eat almost anything, it’s important to know how to act when they eat the wrong thing. To learn more about an emergency veterinarian in San Jose, visit this website.

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A Dog in the Lap

Sometimes people acquire a lap dog on purpose, choosing with great care a dog who is small, cuddly and loves to sit with people. Other times, an unintended lap dog, particularly a large…..read more

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Signs Your Pet Has Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is not only for humans. When the weather grows warm this summer, keep an eye on your pets. If you see any of these four signs, your pet may be suffering from heat exhaustion.

1. Sunken Eyes

Sunken eyes may indicate dehydration or heat exhaustion. If your pet’s eyes begin to look sunken, provide water and shade. Then keep an eye on your pet for any further signs of trouble.

2. Hot, Dry Nose

If your pet’s nose feels overly warm and dry, it could be a sign of overheating. Provide fresh water immediately. If your pet is acting lethargic or uncomfortable, consider taking it to the vet as soon as possible.

3. Excessive Panting

Some panting may be normal during hot weather, especially for dogs. If your pet seems to be panting excessively or breathing very rapidly, however, it could be a sign of serious heat exhaustion.

4. Vomiting and Diarrhea

When heat exhaustion becomes severe, your pet may begin to shake, vomit and experience diarrhea. If this happens, you need to get help as soon as possible. Move your pet to a cool location and wet its fur with lukewarm water, then get to an emergency veterinarian as quickly as you can.

Summer can be a fun time for humans and pets alike, but hot weather also carries some risks. Are you concerned about your pet’s health? Visit this website to find a veterinarian in San Jose.

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How to Prepare Your Pet for a Dental Exam

Are you wondering what you should do to prepare your pet for a dental exam? Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to get ready for your appointment so you can both feel comfortable on the day of the exam.

First, most vets will ask you not to put food down the night before the exam. This is especially common for pets who need to go under anesthesia for cleaning or surgery. By following these instructions, you help to secure the safety of your pet during the procedure.

Water and medication, on the other hand, is typically administered freely before a dental exam. If you there is any concern regarding a negative reaction, you will be advised not to give your pet medication until after the appointment.

Finally, give your pet a chance to get some exercise before entering the office. Squeeze in a bathroom break, play fetch and enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes a little bit of activity can expel negative energy and reduce the overall anxiety of your pet.

If you are not fond of your own dentist, you probably understand how your dog feels when it’s time to make an appointment too. For more information about pet dental service in San Jose, visit this website today.

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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

101 Dalmatians is now 102. Keeps the number growing by making sure your puppy is healthy and happy.

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3 Things to Lengthen the Longevity of Your Pet

There are a lot of credible resources pertaining to pet care, but making the right lifestyle choices for your pet can still be difficult. Here are three ways to extend the lifespan of your pet so you can spend more time together.

Give Them the Good Stuff

For most animals, diet has a direct link to general health and wellness. Whether you use supplements or prefer a raw diet, giving your pet the appropriate amount of nutrients is crucial to a long and healthy life.

Don’t Overdo It

Another aspect of effective care that affects the overall longevity of your pet is exercise. For example, a senior dog does not need as much exercise as a puppy. Schedule routine outings that won’t overwhelm your pet and be sure to consider breed size as well.

Get to Know Your Vet

Finally, you can develop a strong line of communication with your vet for extra guidance and support. While vaccinations and annual checkups are important, you can ask your vet about any care related topic, from dental hygiene to dietary changes. It is similar to the rapport you have with your own general practitioner. For more details on pet senior wellness in San Jose, visit this website today.

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