Common Problems Rabbits Face in Later Years

Rabbits are popular pets because they are adorable and affectionate. They tend to live to be nine or ten years old. However, as with any animal, a number of health problems can arise with age. There are some common problems that can occur in aging rabbits.

1.       Arthritis

You may have noticed your rabbit has been moving slower or had difficulty moving altogether. If your pet has been reluctant to move, it may be suffering from arthritis. To alleviate this pain, you can make small changes to the rabbit’s environment and also speak with your vet about supplements.

2.       Kidney Stones


Bladder infections and kidney stones are common among ageing rabbits and are important health concerns to keep an eye for. Symptoms include changes in urination, straining to urinate and loss of appetite. If you notice these symptoms, be sure to contact your vet immediately.

3.       Dental Issues

Rabbits have painful issues when it comes to their teeth since they do not stop growing. Some of a rabbit’s teeth are difficult to check without the proper equipment, a veterinarian will be able to check on all teeth to ensure that teeth are always at the correct length.

Your pet is a valued member of your family and you want to keep them in good health and comfortable for their entire life. To learn more about how a veterinarian in San Jose can help, visit this website.

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Increase in Attacks on Guide Dogs

The study was a collaboration between researchers from the Guide Dogs charity and the University of Nottingham. They aren’t sure if the numbers reflect higher levels… more

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Ways to Help Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Clean

Stinky breath can easily be disregarded as being normal with dogs and cats. However, that bad breath might be indicative that your pet is suffering from oral health problems. There are things you should do in order to ensure your pet has healthy teeth and gums.

Brush Their Teeth


Your cat or dog might be unable to brush their own teeth, but you can certainly do it. Special toothbrushes and toothpastes are available to brush pets’ teeth. Make sure you get supplies specifically designed for pets. Using toothpaste for people can make animals sick if it is consumed.

Special Treats


Certain treats are available for dogs and cats to chew on that can help knock off plaque. Make sure you use these treats in tandem with a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Routine Trips to the Vet


Similarly to how you need to see a dentist every so often, your pets should be getting dental check-ups often as well. The next time you take your pet to the vet, make sure its teeth and gums are checked. If you have any concerns or have noticed anything unusual, bring those up.

With proper preventative measures, you can be reasonably confident that your puppy or kitty will enjoy good dental health. Visit this website to learn more about getting good pet dental care in Soquel.

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